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Without doubt, every registered charity is a deserving cause and therefore it can be difficult to single out any one charity in-particular to support.

We decided that we wanted to contribute ALL the money we raised to a single charity and we both agreed that we wanted to support a children’s charity first and foremost.

Again, there are many caring, deserving and needy children’s charities worldwide but SOS Children’s Villages did stand out to us as a particularly deserving cause.

SOS is known and respected throughout the world. SOS works in over 131 countries supporting over 50,000 children who, without SOS, would have nothing and no-one! These children are given hope, stability and long term care regardless of race, creed, gender or politics. With SOS these children will belong to a family and grow up with love, respect and security. Importantly siblings are never separated and each SOS family is part of a community. Family ties grow naturally and long term commitment has a meaningful and sustainable impact on these children’s lives. The children will learn to trust one another and believe in themselves and others. They will participate in making decisions that affect their lives and be guided to take a leading role in their own development.

It makes such a difference to know that what we will be doing will have such an affect on so many vulnerable kids. So many children will be given a great opportunity and knowing we are just a part of it, although humbling, makes us very happy.

Please visit www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk and spend some time exploring their website. I am sure you will agree it’s a tremendous cause.

    SOS is a registered Charity. Reg no: 1069204
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